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UNIFY for Travel Organisers

UNIFY – Sales Solutions for Travel Suppliers, including Cruise Lines, Tour Operators, DMC’s and Hoteliers.
Ensure 100% of your offers reach your key travel agency partners’ databases every time.

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Reaching The Audience

UNIFY gives your business the power to help your key travel agency partners effectively market your product to their client databases. With special offers loaded by your accounts managers or teams via your UNIFY user interface (UI), you have complete control in loading offer content. Offers can be loaded at any time and once complete, will automatically trigger emails to consumers, matching the offer criteria. No delays in offer loading, due to travel agency workload, no errors from misunderstood offers, immediate delivery to super-qualified and in many cases repeat bookers. Delivering the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

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Increased Sales

UNIFY gives your business the power to increase sales via this collaborative and UNIFIED approach. UNIFY will assist your teams, focus time and resources with access to many travel agencies on the system, ensuring their clients receive offers as quickly as you bring them to market, with the likely outcome of faster bookings. With less chance of booking leakage due to a shortened marketing funnel.

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Increased Loyalty

UNIFY gives your business the power to increase loyalty to your brand by your UNIFY accredited agencies as bookings start to increase. As travel agencies see potentially lost bookings return because of the pro-active nature of UNIFY, all stakeholders are winners.

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UNIFY gives your business the power to nurture your commercial relationships with your key travel partners, but crucially also to reach new ones perhaps not on your own radar. UNIFY will offer out travel organisers, including Cruise Lines, many tools within their UI’s to facilitate and nurture their relationships, including Co-Op marketing tools to sponsor travel agency participation, CPC campaigns or other programs.

Social Media

UNIFY gives your business the power to turbo-charge your social media. UNIFY will allow you to post your key social media messages with participating travel agency social media followers, significantly shortening the time you need to launch your message or campaign, boosting their content, increasing engagement and ultimately sales.

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User Control

UNIFY gives your business the power to remain in control of your brand online. This includes control of your corporate images, logos, key creative property, insuring your business is always portrayed online, in-line with your current brand requirements. Many other control functions will also be available to ensure you have complete control across many vital touch areas between your business and the travel agencies you are partnering with via UNIFY.


UNIFY gives your business the power to access live reporting and statistical data to ensure your ongoing use and investment in UNIFY is justified, whilst giving you valuable insights to your travel agency clients marketing needs. As UNIFY develops, additional functionality will be added, giving travel providers unrivalled live data to help you drive sales and your commercial relationships with existing and new travel agencies.